Royal Navy Submarine Museum

The Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Gosport is a museum tracing the international history of submarine development from the age of Alexander the Great to the present day, and particularly the history of the Submarine Service from the tiny Holland 1 to the nuclear powered Vanguard class submarine. It is sited here due to HMS Dolphin shore-establishment.

The museum's collection began life as the Submarine Branch Collection. and opened in 1963. In 1983 the museum gained a new display building and members of the public were allowed into HMS Alliance. In 2001 the museum opened a climate controled building that houses Holland 1.

Submarines and other submersibles
These submarines may be viewed on site
  • HMS Alliance, a full-sized hunter-killer post-war submarine now raised out of the water on stilts
  • Holland 1- the Royal Navy's first submarine
  • X24 - the only X-craft to see service in World War II and survive.
  • Biber (No.105)- German World War II midget submarine. It was restored to working condition by apprentices from Fleet Support Limited in 2003 under the guidance of Ian Clark. The restoration featured on Channel 4’s salvage squad.
  • LR3 - a deep-sea survey and rescue submersible.
  • Maiale - An Italian human torpedo
  • JIM suit - atmospheric diving suit
  • Cutlet - an early ROV

Historic and Modern Galleries
Entitled From Pirate to Peacekeeper, these include:
  • A huge collection of submarines and torpedoes
  • the periscopes of HMS Conqueror of Falklands War fame through which one can see Portsmouth Harbour
  • Remembrance Corner which commemorates those who devoted their lives to the Submarine Service
  • Submariners' medals, including the Victoria Cross of Edward Courtney Boyle
  • Children's activities
  • Control Room trainer - Submarine command simulation

Other nearby historic naval exhibits
  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with its historic ships and the Royal Naval Museum
  • Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower

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