Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

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Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre
Few buildings in Britain generate the public affection afforded to the Royal Festival Hall. The transformation project has been an opportunity to refurbish this extraordinary building; its clarity of function, composition and organisation; its detail, materials, colour and lighting. The Royal Festival Hall was the first significant public building built after the war and the first modernist building to be Grade I Listed. This recognition came however, at a time when it had become almost unrecognisable, through first radical and later careless change. On one level the project has been a recovery of the clarity of the original plan, its theory and composition. On another it has been about the management of change. This change has affected every fibre of the building's fabric. The building has a new setting, a thriving public realm, radically different from 1951 yet closer in spirit than at any time since. Its foyers have been rediscovered; the plethora of Southbank Centre administrative offices moved to the


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    New Riverfront restaurants and public realm Retail clutter has been cleared away from foyers The cloakroom in the entrance has been reinstated Original staircases and rewoven carpet. The Westminster Pavilion, level 6. New stage arrangement and acoustic canopy New linings improve reverberation times. The RFH expresses 3 layers of growth. Festival Riverside at night The New Building creates a new home for staff. Riverside canopies identify new points of access. Festival of Britain, 1951 The Southbank, 1970s The Auditorium during refurbishment. View from the Hungerford footbridge. Level four floor plan Level six floor plan Location plan Level two plan Detailed section through Royal Festival Hall.
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