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CLUBHOUSE FOR THE ROYAL DANISH YACHTING CLUB MASTER PLAN As part of the development of the Tuborg area in Hellerup the old harbour has been converted into a modern harbour for leisure craft. The harbour has been extended with a new canal that connects the harbour basin with Strandvejen, which runs from Copenhagen all the way north to Helsingør. The new Tuborg Harbour has mooring space for approximately 360 leisure craft and lies central in a town quarter that is characterised by a lively variation between housing, business and shops. Tuborg harbour is managed by The Royal Danish Yachting Club (KDY). In connection with the acquisition of the harbour, KDY has built a new clubhouse designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects under the direction of Partner Thomas Scheel. The clubhouse with its top quality restaurant and facilities, will function both as a focal meeting point for sport and leisure yachters and as KDY’s administrative headquarters. The clubhouse is positioned as the central element within the harbour, with a fantastic view over the whole harbour, its seaport entrance and Øresund. THE ARCHITECTURE Tuborg is characterised by a mixed development of business and housing, where the trade buildings stand as domiciles for large companies while housing is in the form of linear structured apartment complexes. The clubhouse differentiates itself from the other domiciles in the area. With its mere 1000 m² area and prominent location, the building presents itself in a totally different scale and demonstrates itself as a highly visual building. The clubhouse, with its mellow form, makes a strong reference to the curves of a boat and the soft character of water. Positioning at the south side of the harbour with the primary facade facing north has given a fantastic opportunity to orientate the building to address the waterfront, with its fully exposed facades in glass from floor to ceiling. The soft form of the building is exploited to create the best screening against the southern sun. Hence, only the requisite entrances are cut into the south side of the form and only when one just steps into the building through the closed south façade, one immediately experiences a fantastic overview over the whole harbour and a glance to the sea. `WITH ITS LOCATION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THRESHOLD BETWEEN TOWN AND HARBOUR, IT HAS BEEN DECISIVE FOR US THAT THE CLUBHOUSE DEMONSTATES ITSELF AS PART OF THE HARBOUR ENVIRONMENT AND DIFFERENTIATES ITSELF FROM THE SURROUNDING BUILDINGS. THE BUILDING MUST BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE HARBOUR ARCHITECTURE WITH THE SOFT FORMS OF SAILBOATS AS A VERRY IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN EXPERIENCING THE AREA` THOMAS SCHEEL, ARCHITECT MAA MATERIALS Choice of materials and colour combination underline the maritime emphasis. Materials are limited to a selection of hardwood, steel, glass and concrete with black roofing. To ensure and support the desire for a homogeneous form, the building is clad in black roofing felt without indicating seam joints – framed by a white painted steel profile which emphasises the building’s form with reference to a large ship’s white painted hull. The form is internally implemented with wood as a direct reference to a ship’s wooden decks and internal fittings. The building is sited on a concrete plinth. The existing quay front functions visually as the building’s base. Boats have the opportunity of mooring right up to the building and this facility creates close contact between harbour and building so that there is no doubt about the function of the building. FACILITIES The clubhouse has a total gross area of approximately 800 m² which houses: ·A public restaurant with terrace and the possibility of outdoor dining. ·Harbour office and administration. ·facilities reserved for KDY members. In association with the clubhouse is Grejhuset which is the approximately 200 m² equipment house accommodating a workshop, bathing facilities for yachters and public toilets as well as sailing gear storage rooms for KDY, Tuborg Sailing Club and the schooner Madonna.


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