Royal Canadian Military Institute

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Royal Canadian Military Institute
The Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI), located in Toronto, Ontario, is Canada's premier independent institute for the study of military strategy, arts, military science and literature. The RCMI seeks to promote pride in a strong, unified and independent Canada by enhancing public understanding of political and military history, and regularly conducts educational conferences, seminars and open forums as well as preparing and publishing original papers, studies and journals. The RCMI is supported by fees, donations, and the volunteer services of private members.

In 1890, 50 Officers of the Toronto Garrison founded the Royal Canadian Military Institute with the then Governor General of Canada, The Earl Grey, as its patron. Earl Grey laid the cornerstone of the existing premises in 1907. The Institute's founding President was Lieutenant Colonel William Dillon Otter, formerly adjutant of The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. He went on to become one of Canada's most distinguished military figures, ending his career as General Sir William Otter KCB CMG CVO, Inspector-General of Militia of Canada. Colonel Otter set the founding objectives of the Institute, to be "the Promotion and Fostering of Military Art, Science and Literature in Canada." With the support of an overwhelming majority of the members, in late 2008 the RCMI entered into an agreement to demolish the existing, aged building and allow development of a 42-storey condominium tower in exchange for a greatly increased space in freehold in the new building. The historic facade, and much of the interior, will be recreated in the RCMI's space in the new area, while freeing the institute from the increasing costs of maintaining a century-old building. Construction is expected to begin in 2010 and be completed in 1.5 to 2 years. The Institute closed its building with a flag-lowering ceremony on June 18th, 2010, and will conduct a flag-raising on entering the new premises following construction. Members will meet at the Albany Club on King Street during the construction period, and the popular events of the RCMI, including Military History Nights and meetings of the Strategic Studies Committee, continue. Library and museum items have been stored in appropriate locations, and work on the collections will continue during the time away from 426 University. Membership is open to men and women, military or non-military.

Royal Canadian Military Institute Museum
The Institute's museum includes guns, swords, spears, other weapons from around the world, badges, uniforms, medals, art, miniatures, photographs and other military memorabilia.