Roof Garden
At 2400 meters above sea level, in a residential area, a department of 390 square meters, has an outdoor space of 280 square meters. The main purpose of the roofgarden is to create an extension of interior, as an habitat, a living space where part of the daily activities are held, playground for children, mini soccer lawn, and a fully equipped dining and living space. Which is protected by half shade roof covered with glass, and a suitable glass windscreen to protect the area against the prevailing winds. For weekend and leisure activities, there is a grill and a jacuzzi with a small sun deck. The layout is based on a set of parallel lines, the low walls function as containers that generate root space for grass, herbs and higher vegetation. The 3 metal containers breaks the straight lines and generate enough root space for citrus trees and lavender, producing scent and flowers all year. The necessary height of the jacuzzi is softened by a mid-level covered with wooden deck. The herb garden is located underneath the window of the kitchen, opposite the grill. The hard-scape materials for flooring and covering the low walls is a gray volcanic stone, some part of the playground and jacuzzi are wooden deck The metal plates are used for containers and separation between the grass and gravel stone The plant palette consists of a weeping willow next to the jacuzzi, where alders raise above the azaleas and eleagnus generating privacy and body. The citrus, Jazmin, lavender and sage are aromatic plants located near the seating area and the pennisetum grass generates continuous movement. The storm drainage system is guaranteed by an horizontal layer on the slab with slopes toward the only two strainers. Especially prepared substrate for rooting, has a great capacity to drain and is always contained by geotextiles, and all areas of plantation have vertical drains.


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