Romanian Railway Freight Company Hedquarters

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Romanian Railway Freight  Company Hedquarters
Romanian Headquarters Railway Freight Company The new headquarters is a result of a thorough transformation of an industrial eating hall build in the mid sixties, framed by apartment buildings of the same era. The elegant and regular concrete structure (7 bays × 4 openings - 6×6 m) inspired the solution. The structure was reinforced in order to support an extra level with light metal structure. The main feature of the reborn building is the Central Atrium – 7.50 × 6.20 m. The steel structure of the atrium acts as a tube or “hard core” for the entire building, preventing any other stiffening and/or anti-seismic upgrading of the whole. The atrium brings natural lights and allows natural ventilations for the central spaces of the building situated at the first and second floor. At the third level the atrium manifests itself as an glass pavilion covered with a light metal parasol, protruding between two inner courtyards. Inside the atrium a spectacular steel and glass stair connects the building floors. The first landing floats on a fresh water pool, which – together with the plants inside the atrium – refreshes and humidifies the air, acting as a big cooling device during the summer. The main spaces: offices, meeting areas, guest rooms, etc. – are disposed perimetrally; they are naturally ventilated and illuminated. The access elevation, enjoying a full S-V exposure, is provided with a full scale double glazing. Between the glass layers automatically commanded louvers are controlling the solar radiation. The system is very effective providing forced ventilation in summer and thermal gain in the winter. Excepting the access elevation, the building is covered in wood-like panels forming a rhythmically modulated ventilated façade. The precise assembling of the panels, the sharp contrast between the reddish panels and the aluminum lining of the windows, the spectacular double-glazing are endowing the building with a certain elegance in pleasant contrast with the massive apartments building surrounding it. The access elevations is clearly visible from the main street along an oblong access way. The building is only 12.3 m high and its total floor area is 3 000 sqm; so it classifies as a small office building.


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