Roman Quarry Redesign

© Hertha HurnausArchitects: AllesWirdGut ArchitekturLocation: St. Margarethen, AustriaCollaborators: Ecki Csallner, Elmir Smajic, Ferdinand Kersten, Maria Magina, Mareike Kuchenbecker, Martin Brandt, Michael SohmClient: Fürst Esterházy FamilienprivatstiftungProject Year: 2005-2006Contruction Year: 2006-2008Photographs: Hertha Hurnaus A show in the Roman quarry doubtless is a unique experience for every visitor, whether it is the classical-music lover enjoying a performance of the opera festival or a local watching the annual passion play with his friends as amateur plan© Hertha HurnausThe playing and singing under the open sky on a gentle summer night, far away from the noise of the street is an experience that…...


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