Rolling Stones 'Bridges to Babylon' Stage

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Rolling Stones 'Bridges to Babylon' Stage
"Bridges to Babylon" 1997
The Rolling Stones Tour Stage

Having explored alternative visions of a technological future for the performance environments of "Steel Wheels" and "Voodoo Lounge", Fisher and The Rolling Stones turned their attention towards an altogether different yet extremely topical notion as the starting point for their next production; the impending fin de sicle.  Historically the end of a century in Western culture has often been associated with a period of decadence, an all-pervasive spirit of hedonism precipitated by society acting in fear of the impending apocalypse.

Transforming this recurring Zeitgeist into a powerful visual form that could be communicated to an audience led Fisher towards ideas of opulence and flamboyance, and in particular to examples of excessive architectural ornamentation that often accompany power and wealth. The title "Bridges to Babylon" suggested the transportation of the audience to a mythical place synonymous with both luxury and vice; the precise conditions that produce an atmosphere of decadence.


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