Rokko Housing III
Planned as an independently organized proposal at the time Rokko Housing II was completed,Rokko Housing III gained the connotation of a revitalization housing project after the 1995Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and it was implemented with an altered shape. The composition of phase III can be roughly divided into a high-rise wing, a mid-rise wing, and alow-rise wing. Following phase I and phase II, the basic layout idea was to prepare a variety ofdwelling plans in response to the site's differences in elevation, and to allow each dwelling to maintain a distinct lifestyle within their differing sceneries. However, the site conditions were different for phase III, and aim of differentiating every unit was impossible in terms of construction costs and sales targets. Instead, this time there was a special awareness given to enriching the public spaces placed between the wings. Continuing the axis of phase II, a stepping north-south circulation route has been established, intersected by green tracts extending east-west. Plaza-like places have been installed where the axis is crossed, widened, or focused, with the intention of making an overall three-dimensional public space.

Construction of a fourth project is currently underway on an adjacent slope of Mt. Rokko.


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