Rokko Housing II

In 1983, around the time that Rokko Housing I was completed, Rokko Housing II was begun on anadjacent slope. In contrast to phase I, which is an arrangement of 20 units on 1900m2 of a60-degree sloping site, phase II is also on a 60-degree slope, but contains 50 units on a site nearlythree times larger, with a total floor area about four times larger. Phase I had severe setback linesand other legal restrictions on a building that fills the entire site, and so the form does not clearlyexpress the concept of the building, but phase II I was not constrained by external factors and sothe architectural intentions could be directly expressed.

Overall, there is a frame structure with a square grid that gives a standard unit measuring 5.2m by5.2m. Like phase I, shifts were generated by burying this frame into the terrain, making anassemblage rich in variation along the axes of the marginal spaces. The central staircase spacedivides each wing into two parts, east and west. Due to the existence of marginal spaces threadedthrough gaps in the building, each unit has a varied directionality, as well as having variations insize and layout.

As well as the program, there were further attempts to enrich the public spaces in phase II.An indoor pool with a view of the sea has been established above the intermediate rooftop plaza,but it was planned with the assumption that it would be open to people from the neighborhood aswell as to the residents. This theme was further expanded in the following Rokko Housing III.


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