Rokko Housing I
The site is located on a south-facing 60-degree slope, as if spread across the foot of Mt. Rokko in Kobe. From the site, it is possible to have panoramic views extending from Osaka Bay to the port of Kobe. As a housing complex typology that makes maximum use of these site conditions, we proposed a tiered spatial composition that follows the shape of the slope by means of a buried concrete post-and-beam structure.

It is all based on a symmetrical composition with a standard unit measuring 5.8m by 4.8m. Compositional shifts are generated in the process of adjusting this symmetrical composition to the natural terrain, which are intended to produce marginal spaces. These continuous marginal spaces in the deeply shaded gaps surrounding each wing become direct approach routes to each unit, while simultaneously taking on the role of public spaces that foster community.
While shifting along the slope, the 20 layered units all have rooftop terraces that face in different directions, and they all differ in room composition and size. With an overall sense of identity, unity, and diversity in the parts, one theme was the discovery of a satisfying logic of assembly.
The dry area surrounding the entire perimeter of the building provides effective ventilation and insulation, as well as being a device to control the natural environment.


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