Rohit Bal PRIVE
Rohit Bal Store, Emporio New Delhi Rohit Bal's PRIVE collection reflects intricately crafted and heavily embellished garments. There is an subtle thread of Indian motifs and textile craft techniques which form the integral part of his garments. To showcase these garments instead of providing a neutral minimalistic backdrop we chose to create an elaborately detailed space with embellishments. The layout of the store is generated from temples and traditional courtyard structures. Centrally placed Salon space makes the retail space structured around two segregated sections for the women’s wear and men’s wear in the store. The brief for the store required for the men’s section to be secluded. The store uses layering and a play of raw and elaborately detailed elements to build a rich, mysterious and warm space. Temple tops are used as sculptural elements to frame the display hanging details. The walls and the ceilings are finished in a pewter colour with flamed metal hanging details brought down from the existing ceiling. To take an advantage of the height ceiling already available the services were moved along left length of the store. This low-height space embellished in woven fabric with a lotus motif from Rohit Bal’s studio provides for the main circulation passage in the store. The “lotus’ motif developed and used extensively in their garments by Rohit Bal’s studio have been interpreted in various forms in the store. The flooring is rendered in a blue pigmented cement with the lotus inserted as a bras inlay. Display podiums and furniture in the store is detailed with lapis lazuli stone inlay in dark wood. The central structure and the façade is detailed with suspended cnc cut lotus motif jaalis in rusted metal. The jaali provides an enclosure for the Salon. The Salon space is lit with is a blown glass chandelier which was designed for the store and was executed by local craftsmen. The chandelier forms are an extension of the cast brass sculptures laid out in the main browsing space grounding the multiple elements in the store. Suspended trays, which hold narrow beam QR 111 lamps, provide drama to the store’s principal color story of dull gold and dark metal grays. Tall leaning mirrors and vertical wall cladding with mirrors in the circulation space break up the structure and provide glimpses of the store from varied view points.


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