Rogersville Historic District

The Rogersville Historic District is a historic district in Rogersville, Tennessee, USA. It was established by the Town of Rogersville to safeguard, preserve, and protect hundreds of unique and historically significant structures in and around the town's downtown area. It comprises numerous neighborhoods and business areas, with architecture and significant historical events occurring throughout the history of the town, since its settlement by Davy Crockett's grandparents in 1775.

The street plan of the core of the District, which centers on Rogersville's commercial and governmental hub, was designed by the Town's founder, Joseph Rogers, when he petitioned the North Carolina General Assembly to establish a town at Hawkins Court House in 1786.

The District is administered by the Town of Rogersville's Historic Zoning Commission, a governmental body, and by the Rogersville Heritage Association, a private organization whose mission is to preserve, promote, and protect Rogersville's unique history.

It includes numerous historically significant structures, including:

  • Hale Springs Inn, ca. 1824
  • Hawkins County Courthouse, ca. 1836
  • Overton Lodge, ca. 1840

The entire Rogersville Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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