Rodinný dům Střekov I

on the outskirts of the city, a transition between dense built-up area of Střekov district and free landscape. Sparse mixture of cottages, cabins, permanent and temporary houses.
Wilderness – a space „in between“.

Adjacent ground
s a long, steep garden (elevation of 26m). Grown orchard (apple trees, plums, cherries) and wide open view of the city in a valley gives the place a unique and classy character.

localized in the lower part of the land is part od the orchard. It is not in a shadow of large neighboring house, while still reasonably accessible from the adjacent road.
Three mutually vertically shifted parts of the house copy the steep terrain. Person inside the house perceives the surrounding garden visually and physically. House is being absorbed by the orchard.
Wood as construction material is a natural link between the house, garden and orchard given the situation.

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