Rockport Power Plant
Rockport Generating Station, located at 37°55′32″N 87°02′02″W  /  37.92556°N 87.03389°W  / 37.92556; -87.03389 Coordinates: 37°55′32″N 87°02′02″W  /  37.92556°N 87.03389°W  / 37.92556; -87.03389 just off the new U.S. 231 Route (Now known as the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Parkway) just North of the Natcher Bridge near Rockport, Indiana, in the United States, is a 2.6- GW power plant with one of the tallest smokestacks in the world (316.4 meters). The central smokestack and two cooling towers can be seen from as far west as Evansville, 45 miles to the west and as far north as the U.S. 231- Interstate 64 Junction. It can also be seen as far south as Owensboro, Kentucky as well. RGS is operated by Indiana Michigan Power, a branch of American Electric Power. During the 1980's a brief public walk-through "simulator" was set up in an office building across the road from the plant. It allowed the public to literally walk through and see how electricity was made at this power plant at that time. A decline in visitors and overhead needed to run the office, as well as the plants change in ownership, figured well into the closing of this public service. It is now offices for the Warrick Economic Development Corporation. Two identical non-cyclonic Babcock & Wilcox units (1.3 GW each) were launched into service in December, 1984 and December 1989. They are among the largest coal units built.

Coal supply
The coal is delivered to the plant by rail road and by barges along the Ohio River.