Rockingham General Hospital

Rockingham General Hospital is one of the four major general hospitals in the metropolitan area, delivering a comprehensive range of core clinical services to the South Metropolitan Health Services and the communities of Peel, Rockingham and Kwinana. The staged development transformed the hospital from a 60-bed district hospital to a 240-bed general hospital with the replacement of almost every hospital department including palliative care, medical, surgical, theatres, imaging, allied health, ambulatory care, day surgery and mental health.


The Rockingham Mental Health Inpatient Unit formed the final stage of the General Hospital redevelopment and accommodates for 30 patients with 20 adult beds and 10 older adult beds in open and secure wings. The inpatient unit locates at the end of the hospital street off of which the various components of the hospital are arranged. Visitors and patients admitting to the ‘open’ wards enter the administration wing of the unit and from here a central ‘services’ wing acts as a base off of which the 4 wings are arranged.


Designed by joint venture architects Hames Sharley and Silver Thomas Hanley Architects, the approach to the functionally complex design of the hospital extension, has been no different to the understanding of a city; creating an urban design solution. The architecture of the building references modern domestic buildings, and focuses on familiar materials, access to natural light and open space, and appropriately stimulating and calming spaces as required for therapy. Along their journey, patients, visitors and staff may seek comfort and encounter one another in the sequence of spaces that capture light and frame vistas to the unique bush surrounds.


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