Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre

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Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre
Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre is located on the grounds of Barton Park in Arncliffe, New South Wales in Australia. It is currently the home ground of the Rockdale Ilinden Football Club, who play in the New South Wales Super League. The centre is located near St George Stadium, a football ground used by the St. George Saints. St George Stadium was not used during 2007-2008, but has started to be used again in 2009. Despite this re-use, Rockdale Ilinden is still used as the venue for many St. George Saints local division finals pending Rockdale Ilinden's move. The Ilinden Sports Centre contains the Clubhouse which has hosted numerous functions - of which have included mainly Macedonian-orientated non-soccer related functions. The ground boasts an indoor/outdoor licensed canteen, proper home & away change rooms, ample grass and bitumen parking, two superior playing surfaces (main and training), two other soccer ovals and two makeshift baseball arenas.

Rockdale City Suns
The Rockdale Ilinden Football Club played at the Sports Centre for 40 years after their Australian birth. They won premierships there and developed their mainly Macedonian traditions, and celebrated their 40th anniversary year in 2009 with a minor premiership in the NSW Super League. Over time however, the Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre has become worn out, and the club bought a lease for Bicentennial Park South, which was re-developed in 2009 as the new home of the Rockdale City Suns. The new facilities were officially opened on Saturday, 12 December 2009.

Cook Cove Development
A joint venture between developer John Boyd and Westpac Funds Management has begun construction of a A$1.7 billion dollar project titled the Cook Cove Development near Sydney Airport. The 270,000 square meter area will contain offices, a hotel and a retail precinct on the current Kogarah Golf Club grounds, with the Golf Club relocating nearby south to Barton Park after related Bicentennial and Scarborough Park upgrade takes place, relocating sporting teams further south for this construction to happen . The move is planned to take place in late 2009 to early 2010, after being originally slated for early in 2009.