Rock Museum Roskilde, Denmark : ROCKmagneten

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Rock Museum Roskilde, Denmark : ROCKmagneten

There is a tendency to view museum buildings as simplistic containers, buildings consisting of an all encompassing form where gallery spaces often have little connection to the surrounding exterior context. In the design of the Denmark’s Rockmuseum we have taken a different approach to this somewhat tired strategy. We have also concluded that the relatively small required area will not yield a building of the required monumentality on the site.

In this light we have for the most part, dislodged the different activities of the museum from another. We have organized them in a vertical configuration that works well in the flat landscape of the Musicon site, and have surrounded the different galleries with lots of open spaces. We have designed a museum building that is as much about being outside as inside.

Four terraces are distributed over three floors of the museum. These outdoor spaces are configured in a way as to complement the more enclosed and static exhibitions of the galleries by becoming living temporary exhibitions. The terraces are open canvases, where temporary structures can be erected. They are areas for gatherings, performances, cinema al fresco, and relaxation.


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