Riverfront , mixed-use Development The Riverfront mixed-use project shall be built during the next 3-5 years in the city of Cluj-Napoca, one of Romania’s fast growing cities. Stretching its expending skyline over the hills, the historical downtown lies beneath crossed by the river Somes. The mixed-use project Riverfront is located in the neighbor of the downtown along the river Somes and the main road to the railway station. The site, once a slaughterhouse and market demolished ten years ago, waiting to become a local attraction, has two natural neighbors: River Somes , which runs through the downtown and the railway Park. These two elements became the main characters having a dialog in the design concept. The river is symbolized along the facades within the reflection of the water like traces, reflecting the sky’s reflections or glowing during night time. The park is stretching its presence through and over the shopping mall terrace. This roof garden is linked by four large welcoming stairways along three major sides of the building. Meant to become a new meeting place, a playful green happening area, the terrace is offering another view of the river junction with the downtown. Functions are mixed most at the ground floor where the entrances are. The main entrance is the commercial one, situated on the busy street which runs over the bridge to the railway station. Another commercial entrance is along the river, where small coffee shops shall open their colorful terraces. The two twin office buildings are placed far from the existing houses, one near the main shopping mall entrance, on the main street, and the other along the riverside. The two canopies in 8m cantilever where placed on their facades to announce each entrance at another level than the street eye view. Meant to become a landmark of the area, or even of the city, the two 18 story office buildings reshape the skyline of the area. Next to the park, there is the 17 story apartment building. The park runs under the housing to the roof garden, linking it through the inner covered atrium court. The entrances to the apartments are through the inner court, linked by panoramic lifts with the ground floor or basement parking. Three story underground parking and loading area are leaving the surroundings for the pedestrian green walkways. Site area 28.850 m² Basement 75.800 m² Shopping mall +cinema 43.000 m² Office 42.200 m² Residential 36.200 m² Green area 20% Terrace garden 30% max. height 80m


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