River Cottage -HQ and Rural Course Centre

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River Cottage -HQ and Rural Course Centre

RIVER COTTAGE - HQ and Rural Courses Centre

River Cottage is a local food and rural courses centre in Devon focused on organic food and sustainable building practices.
The existing farm buildings include a farmhouse, which will be renovated to function as a sustainable farmhouse and a threshing barn will be used as one of 2 event spaces as well as the main kitchen.
For the new buildings, Satellite has designed a fully sustainable glass and steel event space with a soaring twisting roof meant to capture the stunning landscape of the Axe Valley. With its fully opening glass walls, the event space will extend into the courtyard and out onto the valley. The building is connected on one end to the existing threshing barn and on the other will incorporate the traditional material and technique of a rammed earth wall, merging the traditional with the modern.
The Rural Farm Office, which creates the East border of the courtyard will be clad in twisting slatted larch. The office design employs a louvre system so that the functions within the building are not seen by visitors to River Cottage yet light is allowed in. The larch is sourced locally from a sustainable forest and the building will use sheep's wool for insulation as well as a natural ventilation system.
The Agricultural and Livestock Sheds will be located at the entry to the farm.  They will be used for general farm storage, hay storage deliveries and livestock.  The buildings will be. portal timber frame structures with chalk floor, and will be clad in traditional farm boarding and one will have a turf roof.
The new River Cottage HQ will act as a home for the numerous River Cottage activities. They will host their events such as ‘Catch and Cook' and ‘Pig in a Day' as well as use the site for the filming of the River Cottage TV Programme.

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