River Cottage H.Q.
River Cottage H.Q. ( RCHQ for short) is the base of operations for a cookery/food training centre from chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage series.

River Cottage H.Q.
The original RCHQ was near Broadoak, Bridport in Dorset and was home to the fourth TV series, Beyond River Cottage , which was based around the new project to develop the rural education centre in some old dairy buildings. The RCHQ ran courses and activities celebrating and teaching the skills and values that Whittingstall learned in his five years as a Dorset smallholder. It focused in particular upon cooking in tune with the seasons, small scale local food production, and adding value to home grown produce for taking to local markets. The courses and events were hosted by different members of the River Cottage team, including some from the television series including Ray Smith (a freelance butcher) and Michael Michaud an organic polytunnel expert. The River Cottage show left the H.Q. in September 2006 and moved to another location.

Park Farm
Based near the village of Uplyme in East Devon, cradled in the Axe Valley on the Devon/ Dorset border, the second River Cottage H.Q. (known as Park Farm) is a 17th century farmhouse, converted barns and 66 acres (270,000 m 2) of land. The newly converted barns are used as space for the teaching events, very similar to the original HQ.

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