Camp Ripan is a concept evolving from the meeting of three cultures: the Sami, the Swedish and the Tornedalian Finnish. Ripan activities are closely connected with environmental concern and human health. A strong emphasis on locally produced products makes a guideline when it comes to food. A meal is at its best when enjoyed close to nature. It's the meal, the season and the people present that turn impression into expression. The building intends to express the spiritual and cultural dimensions of a meal cooked and served next to open-air. The dimensions of the building also intend to give a sort of tent-like experience: the twisted roof, the glass walls, the open fireplace, the iron range, the cooking surface. The building can hold parties up to 50 guests. The variety of out-door scenery stretches from the midnight sun in summer to sub-arctic blizzards in winter. And the awareness of the place itself, the city of Kiruna, will always be there. A typical event is the participants gathering raw materials for the dish, e g vegetables, mushrooms, fish, directly from the surrounding nature. Cooking could be supervised by a professional cook, a guarantee for superb entertaining. A sommelier will suggest wines and also try out some of them together with the guests. Winter is the dominant season and the shape of the building lends form to the snow covered landscape. Supporting a wide range of activities by interacting with the environment, such as sauna bath, team-building, lifestyle seminars and issues closely related to nature and native culture.


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