Rigiblick Hotel and Theatre
The large letters of the sign mark the approach to the Rigiblick hotel and theatre space, a popular goal for excursions on the Zürichberg, with a unique view of the Rigi (mountain) and across the city of Zurich. The new wood terrace projects like the prow of a ship into the panorama, making the location clearly visible from a distance. The landscape garden by the Mertens brothers, in particular the gravel garden and sun terrace, is revealed, adapted to suit the new project and transformed. The green painted parking area with silver ceiling slab and piers and the snorkel-like ventilation shafts stage a space "in the mountain".

The complex of buildings is freed from various additions and extensions from different periods and reduced to its three constituent parts:

Main building: The new bistro is located in the plinth level and is lit by squarewindows. The restaurant on the bel etage is lit by three square windows placed in the old window openings. The apartment rooms, which have open sanitary spaces, can be divided up by curtains. They represent a further development of our research into hotel bedrooms in the Hotel Zürichberg and the model room for the Trendhotel fair in Küln (Domotex).

Staircase tower: Coloured glass, set in broad dark frames, focuses the view towards the city and the greenery but also towards the restaurant and the bistro. Like when you look through differently coloured sunglasses the sections of the view are altered and presented differently. By adding the lift at the side the old tower is "stretched" in depth. On the extension of this axis lies the "hump-like volume" that replaces the old veranda-like top element.

Theatre: Under the new classically curving concrete staircase you arrive at the theatre by passing through the foyer and going up a flight of steps. The specific colour scheme of the theatre space - silver, grey and black - and the full-height Bordeaux red curtains form a deliberate contrast to the bright polychrome treatment of the foyer.


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