Richard C. Smith House

The Richard C. Smith House is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed Usonian home that was constructed in Jefferson, Wisconsin in 1950. It is one of Wright's diamond module homes, a form he used in the Patrick Kinney House, the E. Clarke and Julia Arnold House and a number of other homes he designed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The back of the house wraps around a huge oak tree.

Building Activity

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    Sometime in the late fifties my wife and I and another couple drove from Madison to Jefferson, Wisconsin to see and photograph the Richard Smith House.-On page 96 of The Art Journal, Winter, 1961-1962, I have a paragraph on the Richard Smith house of 1952, and the original Wright floor plan and perspective drawing for the house that I photographed in 1958 at Hillside, when Wright was still alive. It is one of Wright's diamond module houses, in which all angles are 60 and 120 degrees. I had photos of the exterior of the Smith house which are not in he 1961-62 Art Journal article. I probably still have the black and white photos and negatives and a slide or two in color. I haven't seen them in years.
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