Revitalisation of Lai Chi Kok Hospital into Residential Village for Healthy Living

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Revitalisation of Lai Chi Kok Hospital into Residential Village for Healthy Living
The Former Lai Chi Kok Hospital Complex was completed in the 1920s as a military barracks. After altered uses as hospital for lepers, psychiatry hospital and sanatorium, the now Grade III Historical Building, assessed by the Antiquity and Monuments Office of Hong Kong, had been fallen into defunct since 2005. This design scheme is how to revitalize this site dotted across the steep slopes of Hong Kong’s Lai Chi Kok, into a resort complex for healthy living run by NGO. The Hospital Complex are now modest buildings standing on a weakened structure on the slopes in Lai Chi Kok. To reactivate the value of this Historical Building that went into defunct since 2005, fundamental restoration would be required before installing design elements. Apart from installation of new building structures, fortifying in its footing, the structure and waterproofing of the buildings also need to be reinforced. Spatial arrangements, interior design and furniture fittings for sure need to be renewed. Apart from the practical aspects of repair, a design oriented approach was adopted for the restoration of the Complex a facelift to match with the evolving vicinity. On top of these fundamental rectifications, circulations around the whole campus need to be straightened out and realigned for better connectivity and accessibility. This had been a big problem to solve, for the complex built almost a century ago. How to upgrade the facilities to meet hospitality needs, such as incorporating spa facilities, restaurants, were also challenges to meet. To make individual rooms lofty and spacious also required meticulous considerations.


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