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By the time we were called to study this two storey building in the Mediaeval Town of Rhodes, we came across a trip to history. After several visits on the site we were able to identify most of its past. The anatomy of the building formed a puzzle from the Knights era (1309 -1522 A.C.) which was present in its older parts, then a bigger part was built during the Ottoman period (1522 -1912 A.C.) and at last there where some additions during the Italian ages (1912 -1946 A.C.). The study of the restoration and the erection of the building was based in a very detailed analysis of the historical phases where our decisions and choices were followed by the scientific data that appeared. The careful works and the transformation into a boutique hotel was a very challenging experience, sometimes hard but instructive at the same time. Our aim was the preservation and the showing of the historical elements of the structure to work in combination with the function and the adaptation of the needs of today. The ground floor is 164,00m² where vaults from the Knights period transform the place. Today it is been occupied by the reception, the dining area and the bar. These spaces through the vaults create a direct relationship with the outside area where a garden with large trees and plants form a surrounding that water paths pass through creating a running to the rest of the garden. Water is a traditional element in the gardens of the Mediaeval Town. The first floor occupies bigger area of 237,00m², where the sitting area is being supported from the vaults and the stone walls. Light comes through a wooden façade 9.50m. long x 4.35m high from the Ottoman period. The rest of the first floor is being completed by the rooms of the hotel. In present, after the conclusion of the works the hotel has the capacity of 5 suites and a standard bedroom. All the spaces inside and outside maintain the charm of their history so the client has the chance to revive and experience different eras within the building.


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