Residential Dream House
design statement: our design solution is based upon the premise that luxury, comfort and privacy are best attained through modernist ideals designed to meet the desires of each individual client. to this effect, we have designed a home that responds to the needs of the ownership while incorporating elements that serve to enhance the lifestyle of living in paradise. the spatial distribution and inter-related functions of user tasks have been allocated to facilitate ease of operation and efficiency. the site is accessed from the easterly-most edge of the development leading to a private driveway that is buffered from the adjacent properties by the garage building and the existing vegetation. the amply framed courtyard defines the place of arrival. the entrance is sheltered by the skylighted porte-cochere. we enter the home through a set of custom designed wood doors that are accented with steel and glass. the front porch and reception foyer are generous enough to serve as greeting places to welcome visitors. a gourmet kitchen and breakfast area is accessed directly from these spaces. the building is limestone clad with insulated glass enclosing the skylight and window panels. stainless mullions and hardware accent the installations. travertine stone pavers provide cover to the pool terrace and weather resistant wood planks surface the above ground indoor and outdoor pavements. the adjacent elevator lobby serves as the circulation core to access to the exterior spaces and lounges, living room, dining room, leisure den and to the upper levels of the home. the second story of the house accommodates the required sleeping quarters with direct access to the outdoor terraces. the third level separates the home office from the rest of the house. the employee quarters are located to provide direct access to interiors without encroaching on the privacy of the ownership. the guest quarters function in a similar manner but are separated from the main house and linked via access walkways and a vantage bridge. the building will be provided with geothermal and solar energy to heat and cool the interior environment. hydronic heating coils will warm the stone pavers of the interior spaces. all window panes are provided with operable sashes on their frames. a retractable security screen would shelter the building from storms in inclement weather.


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