Residence of Mrs & Mr Subbaiah

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INSIGHT Site measuring 15m x 24m (50’ x 80’) facing East is tucked away & enveloped in a residential layout bounded by the defense area. On the 3 adjoining sites, residential development is anticipated. Located in HSR Layout, Bangalore, identified as the Silicon Valley, a growing metropolis of India, with a cosmopolitan population from different parts of the globe, dominated by young and enthusiastic minds of IT Profession. Client Mr. & Mrs. Subbaiah looked at this house as a weekend retreat currently & as a permanent residence few years down the line. They aspired for a home with spaces responding to individuals in the family, as a collective format for the family & also to entertain crowds. The design was conceptualized as 2 blocks in a composition of protruding & floating volumes responding to the climatic conditions & other functional aspects. The design is a choreographed sequence of cubes along a spine (a vertical plane) guiding the activities, movements & connectivity while the walls vanish in plan letting the user into the core. The design evolved with the kitchen being the main core & having a clear view towards the entrance, considering the kitchen as the centre of activity in an Indain household. Open Spaces / Courts were aligned flanking the central spine. Volumetrically the entire composition was viewed as a 2.5 floor structure in split levels adhering to the topography & creating shaded areas along the northeastern parts of the site. The northeastern zone housed a swimming pool & landscaped decks that could be used during social activities. Articulation of spaces by addition & subtraction of volumes was to create enclosure & suggest movement based on requirement of privacy in each of the spaces. The external & internal spaces are zoned to compliment each other. Layering of spaces internally reflected the privacy requirement of the family. The internal spaces are structured to be continuous, free flowing along the central spine as well as the vertical plane knitting the house in 3 dimensions. The semi-basement (car park) connects with the entry level, the pool & its landscaped deck performing what a Katte or a Verandah did in retro. One enters the house through a pedestrian access on the East. Large stone steps, floating deck & swimming pool on the northeast greet the person & the space frame defines the scale, accentuating the movement towards the entrance. Once the main door is opened one is greeted by a courtyard on to the left & the depth of the house overshadowed by the light from the skylight. From the foyer one enters either the public zone defined by the living space, a semi-public zone consisting of the dining & the kitchen or the private zone that consists of the bedroom. The living space responds to the road in the front by having a blank wall & opens with large window on to the northern & southern sides. Visual connection is established between the living & courtyard giving the living room maximum privacy. The northeast elevation is glazed with UPVC windows. The midlevel story is designed to protect the bedroom behind, to deal with the early morning sun. To combat the remaining heat through the day, solid walls facing west & southwest have floating & protecting volumes ensuring that the house is protected from both the afternoon & the evening sun. Western edge supports all the maintenance & services of the house. The central sky lit stairwell adjoining the dining defines the vertical assent of the staircase to the guest bedroom & the kid’s bedroom at the midlevel landing & continues to the family & the master bedroom. The family is linked to the lower living area by a double height space. The important aspect of the house is how one experiences the integration of the external & internal spaces through double height volumes, fenestrations & different levels. Situations are created by the play of light & shade where one can record the time of the day, which adds to the quality of space. External areas between architectural elements create a tropical environment with landscape & water all around. The exterior of house has aggregate plaster & texture. To break the monotony, certain blocks are painted brown to define the various masses. Internal flooring is of White Marble, Granite & strips of steam beech wood. Stairway Treads were finished with Deep Brown Teak wood. Artificial lighting is strategically provided to accentuate the spaces to provide for an experience to last. The project was conceived with a budget of US $ 240,000.


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