Residence Jardim Morumbi, Sao Paulo

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Residence Jardim Morumbi, Sao Paulo
For this house, constructed in a high standard residential district of São Paulo, in a site surrounded by other residences which, in some cases, had a higher bench mark than it did, we adopted the option of turning itself entirely towards its garden in the rear side of the plot, making it completely private in relation to the other houses. Making good use of its inclined terrain, we projected all of its social area in two levels with a high ceiling that serves as visual reference, so that the space would be open and naturally flowing, without being defined in a rigid form, but that at the same time would mark a correct balance between all the internal and external ambiences. With a mixed structure of reinforced concrete and iron beams, we created a big free span, thus uniting all of the internal space, and with the use of glass on the back face of the house we achieved an interaction of the internal and external spaces. The house also has a top story where the bedrooms are located, almost all of them with their own balconies. A contemporary architecture where the pure forms make reference to the modernist architecture of the beginning of the twentieth century, and where the concern with the intimacy of the owners is an essential part of the program that was presented to us, we created this space that gives the user the sensation of total freedom. To design keeping in mind the preoccupation of taking advantage of all positive aspects that the terrain and location can offer, to design with the preoccupation of having natural lighting that invades all ambiences in a way that manages to create spaces that offer various possibilities to the users, or that can make them realize their dreams, such as in this case, which was to hang a Formula 1 car on one of its walls.


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