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Residence and Studio for Architect
PROJECT NAME - RESIDENCE AND STUDIO FOR ARCHITECT (SELF) LOCATION - 44, YASHAWANT COLONY, AT POST - KARANJA (LAD), DIST - WASHIM MAHARASHTRA STATE, INDIA. PIN - 444105. PLOT AREA - 2000 SQ.FT. ( 40'X50') BUILT UP AREA - 2150SQ.FT. GROUND FLOOR. -EXISTING OLD CONSTRUCTION - 850SQ.FT.APPROX. NEW CONSTRUCTION -400 SQ. FT. FIRST FLOOR - 600SQ.FT. (NEW) MEZZANINE FLOOR - 300SQ.FT. (NEW) TOTAL BUILT UP - 2150SQ.FT. ABOUT THE SITE AND TOWN- The site is located in a society of a small historic town culturally rich. In town skill laborers in carpentry, mild steel fabrication, stone works are easily available. Also locally available building materials are bricks, steel, stone, wood, etc. ABOUT EXISTING OLD BUILDING. 1. The old existing building was a load bearing ground floor, in concrete hollow blocks founded on uncoursed random rubble masonry. 2. Four of five rooms were having only one window each for ventilation. 3. Sufficient set backs around the building to allow modification & addition. 4. Not strong enough to take heavy load of conventional type of construction for Superstructure of first floor. CRITERIAS TAKEN INTO CONSIDARATION WHILE CONCEPTUALISING THE DESIGN. 1. To allow maximum north diffused sun light in the building. 2. To diffuse and soften the harsh south sun light before entering the building. 3.To invite and allow the prevailing wind flow throughout the house. 4. To reduce temp. conduction inside the building by structural arrangements and through choice of materials. 5. To organize the space available for max. utilization as the existing sizes was limited. 6. To give fresh and new look to the existing structure. 7. The new building should provide space for two bed rooms, one study / guest bed, draw. hall, kitchen, dining and space for other services and utilities. 8. In addition to above requirements, it should accommodate space for architect’s studio and office space for four persons, a common lunchroom, retiring room etc. 9. To provide with a stairway to office which will not disturb the ground floor activities. FINALLY WE COULD ACHIEVE- 1. The south face of the first floor i.e. all projected cub boards act as a buffer between the hot south sun and the inner space. Also it gives envelop to the sleek south windows. 2. The open court between the storeroom and “osari


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    old structure as it was. initial stage of modification. modified ground floor with skeleton of first floor yoga & meditation platform/stars gazing gallary. completed east view of the building. stairway leading to studio. stairway roof detail inspired from umbrella. entry verandah & front lawn. car park. "osari" an semi-open space. compound wall detail. front court with verandah. entry gate detail. g.f.plan showing existing old building. modified g.f.plan with site developement. new first floor plan. mezzanine floor plan. section showing diff. levels of the building.
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