Residence A.A.Rabello, São Paulo

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Residence A.A.Rabello, São Paulo
In a site of 1,600 square meters with 900 square meters of constructed area, this house, built in a strictly residential district in São Paulo, opens itself to a spectacular view with green scenery, something quite rare in this city, courtesy of its privileged location.
A house with fluid and generous spaces, concerned with the right balance between privacy and that sensation of openness towards the city.
Our work mixes theory and practice, from the design to the accompaniment of the construction “on site, creating, thus, our own language, a language that is inspired by the work of the modernist architects from the beginning of the twentieth century, and their architecture of simple lines and pure forms. We treat each house as a dream and not as a machine `a habiter.
Making good use of the inclined terrain, we projected the house in three levels. From the street upwards, we have the social area and garden and on its upper level the intimate area with bedrooms.
The spaces are austere, neutral, easily perceived, which make use of every relevant aspect of the terrain to create different settings, widely illuminated with natural light. The space flows freely through them in two levels where an ambience with two different heights serves as a visual reference point to the owners, from where they can dominate visually the whole space, both internal and external.
With a reinforced concrete structure, which allowed us to create big free spans and big openings to the outside, we used glass as the material for most of the partition walls of the building, shifting the physical limits of the house to the bounding walls, thus creating a sensation of bigger internal space than the limits of its walls.


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