Residence, 2 appartments and a private institute in Aglantzia

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Residence, 2 appartments and a private institute in Aglantzia

The plot is located in a new residential area of Aglantzia, in Nicosia. The building was constructed in order to accommodate the housing needs of the family of Mrs Ifigeneia Kaizer: a groundfloor residence, 2 apartments on the 1st floor- one for each child of the family, and a small private institute of Greek language and history on the lower level of the plot .

The spaces function in an introverted organisation, through an arrangement of the spaces around a courtyard a concept deriving directly from the traditional houses.
The functions are enveloped by a unified shell of reinforced concrete (with internal thermal insulation). The main building is raised above the slanted plot and functions as a free cube in the space. The cube is carved like a sculpture with notches (openings)  that reflect the verandas. All the openings can be closed by shading panels that slide along the external surface of the shell, creating that way small courtyards. The courtyards are the mere connection with the outer world. The successive arrangement of the notches and the interior spaces guarantee homogeneous natural light and cross ventilation.
The central part of the courtyard has a double height open to the sky and provides more controlled natural light and cross ventilation (functioning as well as the chimney effect) . For the bigger part of the year the doors slide out of the shell of the building (they almost vanish). All the internal spaces are unified with the courtyard and they become a covered outdoor residence.


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