Research and Development Centre in Dogern

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Research and Development Centre in Dogern

The development and innovation center is in scale and by the formation of its volume as a link between the residential area on the western outskirts of Dogern and the premises of Sedus Stoll AG. The spatial rotation of the entrance facade to the west, it is possible between the entrance of the administration and the land access to convey. The design of the facade as a "hidden" experienced, and yet seemingly "simple" sculptural form of the building is a real experience of space awareness in the context of the visual appearance of the high-bay warehouse. The facades get round a textile panel from standing trapezoidal formats, which are graded into two levels. The idea of a wound, lightly veiled body stands to the impression of a complete textile "packed" volume is created. caused by the superposition of the transparent cladding elements, depending on the viewing angle and brightness, different transparencies, which give the building an almost intangible lightness. About the foyer angewendelte a staircase is accessed, it leads to the plateau of the 1st Upper story, which is experienced as a "one-room" with adjusted "conference core". The underside of the ridge extends as bent folded roof panel to the window belt down. The roof appears on the rotating band of windows to float.

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