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this project has been developed for an historical shoes reseller of the italian city of Alessandria, south Piemonte. Starting from the study of the old shop, located on an historical square, caracterized by a napoleonic "porticato", with a double hight space, the project consist in an interior and furniture design caracterized by the use of natural wood, like ancient shoe resellers of Piemonte used: oak, oil painted, both for floor and cupboards. the original space, caracterized by the hightness, but also by a low quality of gerarchie, reflecting different and not coherent stratigrafies, has been redifined by the use of 2 stereometric plasterboard wings, and completely different use of colors. big mirrors to expand spaces, black paint to dematerialize the original structures, "violetto" to enphasize a big structural pillar and the neutrality of oak veneered to increase the value of the goods. the study for the exhibiotion of goods is focused on simplicity and flexibility of positioning during the year: a normal week or a "sale" period. all the lighting fittings are made by design, using leds systems, and the main lamps, 6m leghts are a special project, made in painted steel, with led spot lights and neon lights. the "soppalco", has been completely covered with oak veneered plywood, and "centilevered" by the use of mirrors, to mitigate the presence of the steel structures. a new staircase is made by solid wood, also on the balaustrade caracterized by a strip led light, inserted on the handle. mirrors also hide the balaustrade of the private office. Project: Dicembre 2009 Opening: Marzo 2010 Area: 75 mq. Garibaldi 6, 15100 Alessandria, Italia


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