Renoma Department Store
Department Store „Renoma` Wroc?aw, ?widnicka 40 St. Architecture: Ma?ków Architectural Office (MPP), Wroclaw: Juliusz Erdman, Marta Firganek, Zbigniew Ma?ków – leading architect, Pawe? Kirschke, Marek Kotowski, Piotr Krynicki, Piotr Wilk – project architect, Piotr Zybura, collaboration: Jacek Brzezowski, Agnieszka Gilarska, Micha? Hawrylak, Rados?aw Jodkowski, Katarzyna Korsak, Marcin Macuta, Adam Markuszewski, Marta Mnich, Piotr Sulisz, Marcin Witaszek, Bartek Zi?ba Retail concept : Benoy, London - Rob Bishop, Pete Challoner Interior design: Benoy, London - Michelle King, Paulin Long Collaboration: Marek Kotowski, Rados?aw Jodkowski, Katarzyna Szpilich (MPP) Execution Design: Ma?ków Architectural Office (MPP): Karolina Bielak, Anna Jagoda-Major, Jurek Kopka – project architect, Agata Kowalczyk, Marta Ma?lanka, Eliasz Matu?a, Mariusz Maury, Alicja Mo?y?, Micha? Nykiel, Bart?omiej Witwicki, Zuzanna Wojtasiak, Bartek Zi?ba, Piotr Zybura, Structural design: Ove Arup & Partners International Limited Sp. z o.o. Civil: Ove Arup & Partners International Limited Sp. z o.o. Old facade renovation - consultant: Krystyna Kirschke, Katarzyna Polak, Przemys?aw Skwarek (MPP) New facades - consultant: Wies?aw Kaleta (ARUP FE) Renovation supervision: Krystyna Kirschke Sculptures: Paulina Pokorny - Zi?ba Visualisations: Andrzej Pi?tkowski (MPP) Model: Konrad Horszty?ski (MPP) Visual identity, logo: Bartek Zieli?ski, Anna Zi?ba, Bartek Zi?ba, Piotr Zybura (MPP) Client: Centrum Development and Investments Polska Sp. z o.o. Contract engineer: Wojciech Ba?kowski (ARUP) General contractor: Warbud S.A. Footprint: 10.726m2 Usable floor area: 77.769m2 Total area: 99.531m2 Volume: 381 786m3 Design: 2005-2008 Construction: 2006-2009 Cost of investment: ok. 100 mln euro Photos: Juliusz Soko?owski The design concerns the renovation of the old “Wertheim` department store and its extension in the eastern direction, which involves the new part located by Czysty square and Czysta street. The original design based on Herman Dernburg’s design erected in 1930 at the intersection of ?widnicka and Podwale streets. The main objective of the new design was to continue the style and form of the existing architecture and creating the building referring to the old department store with its elegant look and high standard. The consistency of the old and new parts was achieved by correct proportions, inscribing the new building into the historical urban structure, horizontal divisions of the facades, character of used materials and colours. A dynamic nature of the horizontal facade of the new part was intensified by a fan-shaped deflection of cornices, which create a very strongly emphasized facade foreground. Its background is created by large windows and walls finished with dark-brown fibre-concrete cladding panels, corresponding the ceramic facing of the antique edifice. The new building is connected with the antique edifice by an entrance atrium, which serves as a connecting element (buffer) between the two parts. The design also involves the landscape design of The Czysty Square and the rebuilding of Podwale and Czysta streets, which will increase the quality of the area surrounding the department store and re-engage them with city life.


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