Reforma 115
The building is located at the corner of Paseo de la Reforma and the old Cuernavaca railway, across from the fountain dedicated to the oil industry workers and with magnificent views of Chapultepec Park. The central idea was to seek integration with the context by means of a volume which would respond to various stimuli in a space materialized as an element shared with the rest of the city. The plaza in front of the building constitutes a private but open space capable of generating a fluid movement of the circulation along Reforma avenue through the elements of water, light and vegetation. The entrance is formed by a light structure of ultra-clear glass supported on almost imperceptible stainless steel hardware, giving the building a frontage which unifies the exterior, the public and the private spaces. The finishes are of natural white carabelas granite imported from Brazil, treated in a variety of ways to archive an interplay of textures that both integrates the floor covering and contrasts with the rough anti-slip finish that leads outside. The idea was to carry the majesty and strength of the entrance lobby all the way to the street, and at the same time let in plenty of natural light. The building is supported by pillars 1.5 meters in diameter and 11meters high, clad in the same stone, but with curved sections and brilliant polished surfaces that are smooth and friendly to the touch. Placed in a strategic location and contrasting with the monochromaticism of the building, the line of light “Return to the Cosmos` by artist Narcissus Quagliata acts as spotlight setting off the building. The entrance level is an element of union and transition from the ten levels of underground parking, which can be reached by three rapid independent elevators. The views are spectacular from all floors, but change depending on the height. The greatest transparency was therefore required on the façade, with large windows that would allow optimal climatic and acoustical efficiency, as well as low consumption of energy. The building can be read as a tympanum, protected by a millimeter-thin veil of serigraphy on the outer glass, conferring lightness and establishing a subtle relationship whit the surrounding world.


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