Reform Nuevo Casino Eslava
The reformation and conditioning project of the existing building is not contemplated as a simply work of decoration of some spaces that have remained obsolete in every sense. On the contrary it needs a previous analysis, conscious that we are going to act in a building conceived with architectural intensity. And I do not refer precisely to a merely stylistic analysis, but to uncovering the guidelines that were behind the functional and spatial configuration so surprising and suitable, more even if it places chronologically. The key of the design of the spatial approach seems to be originally in the intelligent resolution of a functional problem: to accommodate a building for the leisure and the amusement in a floor of limited dimensions. This supposes an apparent opposite combination, because the dimensions of the floor force to a development in height of the building, whereas the foreseen use would demand wide lounges. The solution that Ví­ctor Eusa projects in the 20´th years is a sequence of fluid spaces in vertically connected by a particular stairs. Undoubtedly the stairs turns into the protagonist and the key without which the project would not have sense. The lounges are opened generously to the stairs, so that the ascent turns into a kinetic experience in which the floors emerge successively as according to the movement. Everything suggests dynamism and ascending tension. In an oval design it is formed as an spiral tape that ascends climbing tangentially to two circular central plots. This it is the guideline that orientates the performance in the building. On one hand to respect, to recover and, if it is possible, to heighten the spatial original conception of the building as succession of fluid vertically linked spaces. In the other hand we complement it with his alter ego: the decorative panels in every floor. Because: - From a perceptive point of view they generate visual tension and turn into claim inside the climbing path - Semantically they explain the function assigned to every lounge and they personalize it - Functionally they solve the specific needs that are derived from the use. The fundamental aim is to obtain the maximum from the original conception of the building and to qualify it in this direction so that the building turns into landscape and the movement in its interior acquires a quality that turns the merely functional act of moving between two points, in a walk.


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