Rajesh Pratap Singh
Rajesh Pratap Singh Store at Emporio The RPS Brand has over the years created a unique signature style that subtly draws from craft techniques, simple faultless clean lines and careful detailing" Simplicity yet on closer look revels obsessive attention to detail. "I have used a lot of embellishments on my garments, but they are in the form of textures. I have used quilting, printing and pleating on the clothes," Rajesh Pratap Singh The Store needed to reflect styling, which combines the modern with the traditional in an understated design aesthetic. We took the metaphor of Industrial craft and explored one technique to wrap the space. The available store space inside a Mall was very generic in nature so we inserted a skin within this volume to generate a strong character for the space. All services were left naked but screened off by the veil like insert. This veil like insert comes alive by creating a lace work using scissors "a personality to the store was given using the tailors’ tool as a metaphor. The “scissor` was laid into motifs and patterns to generate a lace like surface which was then wrapped on the walls and ceiling to create a skin within the shell. The metal skin required elaborate hand welding by skilled welders. A few thousand scissors were purchased from the local market or sourced from scissor manufacturers, for the extent of this metal lacework. These scissors are of various kinds, from iron scissors to ones made from alloys. A large number of them were rejected, as they did not have the structural strength required for the welded panel. The facade displays scissors displayed in the flower like pattern. As you move further in, scissors allow a variety of intricate patterns, in the display area. Prefabricated panels with patterns of scissors have been welded on a metal frame, within this scissor mesh are integrated details such as hooks and shelves to display/store merchandise. As it turns overhead the mesh partially conceals the services, which are left naked under the slab and painted white. The entire metal mesh and the building shell are painted in an identical soft white. The floor is made of locally available grey sandstone that has been given a texture using shot blasting and brushing techniques. The stone also wraps around the cash desk and rises upwards in the centre of the store to form a display block. Reinforcing the simplicity and rawness of the thought the lighting is done using basic par38 lamps suspended through the mesh. Linear trays neatly aligned along the metal framework washes the store walls generating the required ambient light level. The signage for the stone is cut metal letters mounted on the store floor.


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