Rainier Tower is a 40-story skyscraper (29 stories occupied, the rest pedestal) in the Metropolitan Tract of Seattle, Washington at 1301 Fifth Avenue. The total height of the tower is 514 feet (393 feet without the 121 foot base). It was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, who also was architect of the World Trade Center in New York City (as well as of the IBM Building, which is on the corner diagonally opposite from Rainier Tower). Its construction was completed in 1977. The skyscraper has an unusual appearance, being built atop a 121-foot (11-story) concrete base that tapers towards ground level, like an inverted pyramid. Beneath the tower is the Rainier Square underground shopping mall. Both the mall and tower were originally named after Rainier Bank, which was merged in the 1980s into Security Pacific, which was eventually merged into BankAmerica.

In Popular Media
External shots of the tower were used in the film The Changeling (1980). Above the main entrance the words "RAINIER TOWER" were replaced with "SPENCER CARMICHAEL TOWER". Spencer Carmichael was a fictional U.S. senator in the film.

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