Rachel Carson Homestead
Rachel Carson Homestead, also known as Rachel Carson House, is a National Register of Historic Places site in Springdale, Pennsylvania, United States, 18 miles northeast of Pittsburgh along the Allegheny River. It is a five-room farmhouse which was the birthplace and childhood home of Rachel Carson, whose 1962 book Silent Spring launched the modern environmentalism movement. She wrote her influential book Silent Spring at her later life home in Maryland. The homestead is managed by the Rachel Carson Homestead Association, a nonprofit organization established in 1975. The organization has established an ongoing Rachel Carson Legacy Challenge: challenging individuals, government, industry and institutions to lessen their ecological footprint through the Rachel Carson Legacy Challenge which uses Carson's environmental ethic as the benchmark for permanent and measurable change: - to live in harmony with nature - to preserve and learn from natural places - to minimize the impact of man-made chemicals on natural systems of the world - to consider the implications of human actions on the global web of life. Other activities include annual events - Rachel's Sustainable Feast - a street fair with regional chefs showcasing local, sustainable foods, farmers markets, environmental and conservation groups and eco-friendly vendors, and the Rachel Carson Legacy Conference which tackles today's issues of environment and health. The Rachel Carson Challenge, a 35 mile wilderness hike on the Saturday closest to the summer solstice, is in honor of Rachel Carson's contribution to the environment and passes through the Homestead. The Rachel Carson Trail is managed by the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy.

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