Quinta Monroy
Architects: Elemental – Alejandro Aravena, Alfonso Montero, Tomás Cortese, Emilio de la CerdaLocation: Iquique, Chile.Client: Gobierno regional de Tarapacá / Programa Chile-Barrio del Gobierno de Chile.Engineering: Juan Carlos de la Llera & José Gajardo.Contractor and Services: Proingel, Abraham Guerra, Constructora Loga S.A.Budget: US $204 /sqmProject Year: 2003Construction Year: 2004Execution time: 9 monthsMaterials: Concrete & Cement bricksSite Area: 5000 sqmConstructed Area: 3500 sqmPhotographs: Elemental – Cristóbal Palma – Tadeuz Jalocha The Chilean Government asked us to resolve the following equation:To settle the 100 families of the Quinta Monroy, in the same 5,000 sqm site that they have illegally occupied for the…...


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