Queensway-Carleton Hospital, opened in 1976 by William Davis, is a 240 bed facility in Ottawa's west end, and serves a population of over 400,000. The hospital provides Emergency, Childbirth, Geriatrics, Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Medical and Surgical Services, and is currently undergoing a much-needed expansion.

One dollar rent
Queensway Carleton Hospital was built on NCC land, and since its opening, had paid roughly $1 million in rent to the federal government. Rent of $23,000 per year was set for a contract through to 2013, at which point the rent was expected to increase to reflect the current market value of the land. Pierre Poilievre, MP representing Nepean"Carleton, attempted to reduce the rent of the hospital to $1 per year during his first term in office. Poilievre, a Conservative in the opposition at the time, introduced a bill in November, 2005 seeking to reduce the hospital's rent. It was supported by the Conservatives and the New Democratic Party, but was voted down by the Liberals and Bloc Québécois. Poilievre was re-elected in the 2006 election, this time as part of the Conservative minority government. He was named Parliamentary secretary to John Baird, President of the Treasury Board. Together, they unveiled a plan on August 2, 2006 which would use treasury board funds to pay the NCC rent on behalf of the hospital, such that the hospital pays $1 in rent.

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