Pyramid of Teti
The Pyramid complex of Teti is located in the pyramid field at Saqqara, in Egypt. It was originally called Teti's places are enduring. The preservation above ground is very poor, and it now resembles a small hill. Below ground the chambers and corridors are very well preserved.

Below Ground
The pyramid is entered via a descending shaft at an approximate 60 degree angle. For safety reasons, the shaft currently uses a wooden board with metal slats to help tourists keep their footing. After descending for approximately 15 meters, visitors walk south underneath the pyramid for another 20 meters to reach the inner chambers. The height of these passages are approximately a meter and a half, and are similar in size, shape, and preservation to the Pyramid of Khafre. This passage terminates in a small chamber approximately 3 meters wide and 4 meters tall. The walls are white stone with hieroglyphics carved over the east and west walls. Small openings in the rock permit entry to the eastern storage room, or west into the larger sarcophagus chamber. Teti's stone outer sarcophagus is relevant for being the first known sarcophagus to have hieroglyphics carved onto its inner walls. At this time, photos and videos are not allowed anywhere within the pyramid. Admission is part of the standard Saqqara ticket.

Building Activity

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