EDIFICIOS PUERTAS DEL GOLF (THE GOLF DOOR BUILDINGS) Urban and architectural considerations The design of Puertas del Golf buildings has been influenced by its special location in the city and the architectural heritage left by the buildings, which stood there previously. The “Entrance Portico` situated between the northern entrance of the “Club de Golf Los Leones` and the southern entrance of the Plaza Loreto Cousiño, has given these buildings twin facades. The largest apartments, which are the only ones to have terraces, are housed in their respective facades. The double-storey entrance hall accessed from Av. Pte. Riesco serves both buildings. The buildings that originally stood here had the special quality of having their service quarters concealed since these rooms did not form part of their facades. This gave the architectural design a special elegance, which we decided to conserve. In the “Puertas del Golf` building the kitchens, service balconies and bathrooms cannot be distinguished. On the east and west facades the windows of these rooms are similar to those of the bedrooms and are therefore unnoticeable from the outside. All the rooms have the same elegance since all the external openings are of the same quality. In the original buildings, floor to ceiling double-casement windows were used. These windows were fronted by a small protecting balcony. Shutters were used to filter out excessive sunlight. Five decades later, we have reincorporated a contemporary version of these features into the east and west facades. The old shutters have been replaced by electric awnings which are suspended from a specially designed structure attached to the building exterior. Only the small glass-fronted balconies remain attached to the main building. This is not a simple replacement but a modern redesign of a valued tradition. In a sense we have reinvented the solution. We have considered how to offer the occupants the greatest freedom in their choice of lifestyle and use of interior space in these apartments. To achieve this we have used an open plan design. As much as possible the use of internal structural walls was avoided by distributing load bearing columns along the building periphery. A central core was also added and consideration given to the efficient placement of ducts. In this way equilibrium has been achieved between the space available and the various requirements for using and organising this space. In order to blend in with the existing office buildings around the Plaza Loreto Cousiño, the floor space was distributed so as to result in a building of 22 floors which corresponds to the surrounding average. The white of the nearby aluminium constructions was matched by selecting a white brick-sized stone. In the same style as the neighbouring gardens, no fences have been put up along the edges of the property. EAST LAND AREA: 2,952 Sqmt. WEST LAND AREA: 2,002 Sqmt. EAST BLDINGS TOTAL AREA: 16,362.70 Sqmt. WEST BLDING TOTAL AREA: 11,299.60 MAIN MATERIALS: Concrete, white stone, crystal thermo-panel, wood


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