Public Trustee South Australia

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Public Trustee South Australia

The Public Trustee relocated to 211 Victoria Square, Adelaide and has successfully gained a fresh and contemporary layer to their existing identity with an interior office fitout. As a government organisation of approximately 180 staff members, they accommodate half of Level 5, Levels 13, 14 and 15 as well as 2 ‘Front of House’ tenancies on the Ground Floor, a total of 3,745 sqm of floor area.


Principles of open plan office culture have been successfully integrated into the design with central ‘hub’ areas incorporating kitchens/break out areas, quiet rooms and utility areas built into the centre of each floor. A clam, neutral colour palette which echo themes of nature has been created with each individual floor given a sense of ownership and identity through the use of various bright colours and graphics which are indicative of the design theme. The engaging theme of ‘seasons’ inspired the project philosophy and reflects ‘Cycle of Life’ and those existing elements found in nature. The visual representation of ‘life’ and its ‘cycles’ has been portrayed in the interior by means of overlaying graphics with each floor representing a season: spring, summer, autumn and winter.


The design incorporates numerous ESD initiatives and ‘Best Practice Green Design’ principles in response to the Public Trustee’s commitment to sustainability, as well as the design team’s goal to create a healthy and productive working environment.


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