Public Space Teatro La Lira

After the demolition of “la Lira” theater in Ripoll, an urban void appears facing Ter river, on the city walls, from a street in the old town. This void is destined for a square, which does not want to lose the spirit of the theater. It becomes a covered square. The balcony over the river discovers the other side of the riverbed, the other, smoother shore, and the extension of the city. A footbridge that crosses the river is born, in a historically industrial city.

Thus, the project considers the irregular outline of the place, it occupies the space behind the wall overlooking the river, and covers everything with steel slats with openings for light, air and vegetation, both for the space of the project and for the courtyards of the adjacent housing. It allows for glass to cover the side that slides into the footbridge, which is opaque on one side and open to the other, to see the water on a riverbed of 40 meters. This enclosure takes you inside the Lira transformed into an exterior space for civic life.

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