Public shealter addition and reconstruction

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Public shealter addition and reconstruction

The task was to reconstruct the multifunctional existing public shealter of 550 square meters, and add one level of office space od about 600 square meters. The plot with the building in question is located in New Belgrade, and within a house block that was constructed in 70s with rigid architecture, white and gray concrete cascading facades. It is a corner building and a starting point of a future row of commercial buildings. The main goal was to form a block landmark building, that will be noticed by passing drivers, as well as pedestrians. The concept is based on the idea of forming a building of rigid form, with underlined horizontality and of dark color streak to dominate the light surroundings. It is a building with steel construction frame. Facade is designed by superposing two planes of different materialization – rustic porcelain stoneware large format tiles on the building base and sparkling black Alpolic on Ground Level. Semi-structural dark glazed facade with horizontal bullnose profiles is the connecting element. Main entrance is enlightened by sloped skylight, that with structural elements forms a play of light and shadow. All cantilevered canopies are accented in light tone of metallic green Alpolic. In order to connect with a future row of planed commercial building technical area is located on level 1, in a smaler portion of building footprint, connected with a rooftop terrace. Functionaly the interior space of ground floor is divided in two functional wholes that can be connected in to one. Interior office space is of longitudinal rectangular geometry.


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