Province House


This article is about legislative building for Nova Scotia. For other uses, see Province House (disambiguation).

Province House is where the Nova Scotia Legislature, known officially as the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, has met every year since 1819. The building is Canada's oldest house of government.

Standing three storeys tall, the structure is considered one of the finest examples of Palladian architecture in North America. It commenced operation for the first time on February 11, 1819.

During 1848, Province House was the site for the first form of responsible government in the British Empire outside the United Kingdom. The building is located in downtown Halifax on a block bordered by Hollis, Granville, George and Prince streets.

One of the smallest functioning legislatures in North America, Province House originally housed the executive, legislative and judicial functions of the colony, all in one building.

The Red Chamber was formerly the meeting place of the Legislative Council, the upper house of Nova Scotia's legislature. The Legislative Council was appointed by the governor and was abolished in 1928. The Legislative Assembly is the home of the House of Assembly, Nova Scotia's elected legislature. The Legislative Library, located on the second floor between the Red Chamber and Legislative Assembly, was originally the home of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, until the court outgrew the space. The Supreme Court chamber was the site of Joseph Howe's 1835 trial for seditious libel.


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