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The private house, with a total area of 750 square meters is located on a site of 0,9 hectares in cottage settlement near Moscow. The idea of the volume is the symmetry with a certain touch of brutality. Symmetry in this case is not a synonym of a boredom or regularity, but it is as aircraft- the well-proportioned is the faster. The hawk-wings of balconies to be named as the main architectural element – it stretches more than 5 meters each side. In its shadow on the ground level the wooden desks are located Its beams equilibrant on the internal wall, being heavily pressed with the construction above, creates, with vertical concrete elevator core, the frame work of the building. The property «turns it back» to the drive way; the street facade slightly non-hospitable in it case, covers the solid block of supporting facilities (laundry, storage), the extended corridor breaks it with the main structure. The living space, dining and drawing rooms look on the inner lawn of the property. The wooden floor plates continues from the interior to the outside landscape linking the building and it’s environment. The bottom part of the façade is executed in black concrete plates painted in whole, preserving the trace of casing on it. Stainless steel mash rolled up jalousie protect the huge glass windows form outside. They simultaneously are sun-protection and anti-burgle functions. The second floor is outside trimmed with larch, heat treated due to that it seems that the house has been here since ages. The stair is trimmed by a dark tree. The inners space is spanned around the central stair, cutting the double –height volume of the hole. The soaring effect is created with the glass balustrade of the balcony – the glass was fixed without vertical racks. The lift is hidden behind a decorative wooden wall and opposite to the main entrance.


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