Primitive Future House 2008
Primitive Future House 2008 This is a pavilion for Design Miami/Basel 2008 in Basel. Though this structure was a small pavilion for an exhibition that only lasted for four days, it is not a mere pavilion but a proposal for the prototypical house of the future. I imagine what a house for the future may be. It must be of an existence between natural and man-made. There stands a transparent house made of acrylic. By having trees directly growing from it, a domestic place is gradually born. Trees will flourished with leaves during summers to block sunlight and gazes, and foliage will fall during winters to admit warm sunlight. A new architectural experience is born as if one is in a forest though one is actually in a house. Though a house, it is infinitely dependent on these natural vegetations. It is a new house generated from the compatible duality of precise artificial entity and ever-changing natural entity. Holes penetrate 20mm thick acrylic walls and trees are implanted. The relationship between trees and humanity is inherited from the Japanese aesthetic ideology manifested in ikebana and bonsai. It neither denies the nature nor thoroughly controls it. Neither simply natural nor simply artificial, it is a new territory laid between nature and artifice. I propose such a primitive and futuristic house. This pavilion can be dismantled and transported anywhere in the world. By implanting local plants and flowers at various destinations, this pavilion is reborn as something indigenous to that area. It is scheduled to be transported to Mexico within this year.


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